Sir Rodrigo Sanchez, Caballero of Aragon

A warrior from the past thrust into our present. His experiences with alien technology has awakened latent psychic abilities.


Rodrigo was born to a minor noble family in Aragon, a region in northern Spain. He grew up on tales of the daring knights and the grand Crusade to free the Holy Land. He sought to be one of these knights, training from a very young age. He held true to the code of chivalry, always seeking the honorable path. Once he was officially knighted, his father was struck down by an illness that he had weathered since his younger days (a case of pneumonia that never cleared up). Seeing no possible future for his family, he happened across a veteran of the crusades, one of the famed Knights Templar. The old warrior said he would offer him the chance of a lifetime. If he fought by their side and bequeathed his holdings to the Templars, he would be assured a place in Heaven and his lands would prosper, allowing his family to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Rodrigo accepted immediately, seeing only good things coming from this deal.

He followed his mentor to the Temple Mount, a long and arduous journey. There he was fully inducted into the order. During the initiation, he was introduced to one of the greatest secrets of the Knights, the Head of Wisdom. The Masters of the Order venerated it, this strange helmet. In truth, it was an artifact plundered from the Temple of Solomon, a device of alien origin that jump-started neuropathways in the brain. It usually gave the recipient increased mental capacities, though it could have side effects that drove the inductee mad. Even rarer, and such was the case with Rodrigo, psychic powers developed after the ordeal. The young knight found he could read the minds of others and communicate without words. A select few of his fellows possessed powers like these, but as they were fairly new themselves they could not offer Rodrigo anything more then teaching a few tricks to keep his mind safe.

Rodrigo grew in the order as his estate grew back home. Though he personally could never enjoy the life his family was living, the letters from home kept him happy as he continued to fight the good fight in the Holy Land. Unfortunately, things were not to last. On July 4th, 1187, he was stationed at Sephoria, ready to take on Saladin and his forces. Unfortunately the flawed leadership of Gerard de Ridefort, driven mad by the Head, lead to a grueling march through the desert to the Horns of Hattin. The battle was ferocious as Saladin’s men descended on the worn out, dehydrated knights. The Christian forces were soundly defeated and every Templar, except Ridefort, was executed.

Rodrigo was also an exception. During the fight, he almost took a blow to the head when he was sucked violently out of his own time. He now lays unconscious, sword drawn, covered in blood, on the floor of the TARDIS.

Sir Rodrigo Sanchez, Caballero of Aragon

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