Regeneration Template

Step 1: Adjust Attributes.

Add up the points of Awareness, Coordination, and Strength. Redistribute among Awareness, Coordination and Strength as you see fit. If you want to randomize which stats increase/decrease, roll 1d6:

Roll: 1 Awareness: Up Coordination: Same Strength: Down

Roll: 2 Awareness: Up Coordination: Down Strength: Same

Roll: 3 Awareness: Same Coordination: Up Strength: Down

Roll: 4 Awareness: Same Coordination: Down Strength: Up

Roll: 5 Awareness: Down Coordination: Same Strength: Up

Roll: 6 Awareness: Up Coordination: Down Strength: Same

Step 2: Edit Traits

During Regeneration your Character can take Bad Traits, or Reduce Attributes to gain character points just like in Character Creation.

Step 3: Determine Appearance

Change your character’s appearance. To determine appearance randomly, roll 1d6 for each category.


Roll: 1 Height: Very Short (3’-3’ 11")

Roll: 2 Height: Short (4’-4’ 11")

Roll: 3 Height: Average (5’-6’)

Roll: 4 Height: Average (5’-6’)

Roll: 5 Height: Tall (6’ 1"-6’ 5")

Roll: 6 Height: Very Tall (6’ 6"-7’)


Roll: 1 Build: Thin

Roll: 2 Build: Slim

Roll: 3 Build: Average

Roll: 4 Build: Average

Roll: 5 Build: Stocky

Roll: 6 Build: Chunky


Roll: 1 Looks: Different

Roll: 2 Looks: Plain

Roll: 3 Looks: Average

Roll: 4 Looks: Interesting

Roll: 5 Looks: Attractive

Roll: 6 Looks: Stunning


Roll: 1 Hair: Auburn

Roll: 2 Hair: Brown

Roll: 3 Hair: Blonde

Roll: 4 Hair: Black

Roll: 5 Hair: Ginger

Roll: 6 Hair: Gray

Apparent Age

Roll: 1 Age: Teenage

Roll: 2 Age: 20s

Roll: 3 Age: 30s

Roll: 4 Age: 40s

Roll: 5 Age: 50s

Roll: 6 Age: Old

Step 4: Determine Personality

To randomly determine personality traits roll 1d6:

Roll: 1 Personality: Polite

Roll: 2 Personality: Arrogant

Roll: 3 Personality: Blustering

Roll: 4 Personality: Irritable

Roll: 5 Personality: Flamboyant

Roll: 6 Personality: Reserved

Regeneration Template

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