Weapon Traits

To further expand weaponry in the system, I have added Gadget Traits that add damage and other effects.

Good Character Traits

Martial Artist: Your character has trained in Martial Arts or been in a lot of fist fights. You have +1 damage when fighting unarmed. This trait can be purchased multiple times each time giving the character +1 damage. Human Maximum: +6 Alien Maximum: Lethal

Weapon Gadget Traits

Minor Traits:

Stun Setting: Your gadget can stun opponents with electrical shocks, manipulation of blood pressure or similar. When Stun Setting is turned on, your weapon reduces Resolve only.

Long: Melee weapons only. Your gadget is a form of polearm. It can hit from 2 spaces away.

Major Traits

Sonic Gadget: Ranged Weapons only. Your gadget utilizes weaponized Sonic technology. This increases the damage by +1 and gives it a Stun Setting.

Combustible: : Your gadget utilizes fire or weaponized heat. Damage is increased by +1 and it can ignite flammable materials.

Mechanized: Melee Weapons only. The gadget has mechanical properties that make it more dangerous such as chain saw blades or nanites that cause powerful vibrations. Damage is increased by +2

Laser: This gadget can kill instantly. Only gigantic or heavily armored foes can hope to survive a hit from it. The gadgets’s damage is 4/L/L. Against gigantic creatures and heavily armored targets its damage is 4/8/12

Weapon Traits

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